Sunday, March 2, 2008

Deer obcessive musicalists......

We welcome our future loyal reader to this new collaborative effort between the fantastic minds that brought you both Day in Day Out and Mundane Arcana. In keeping with the innovative and groundbreaking drive of these personal endeavors, we have joined forces to bring you up to date news about music that we like. That means eclectic music. We're not experts, so some of you will be like "psh, I knew that," while most of you will be like "psh, I don't care about that."

Coming first: Denman's first four minterviews reposted for your convenience. Coming second, a reposting of our 2007 top 10's (both John's elaborate and sincere, chronicled top 10, and Denman's aQ "award winning" cop out.) Then Denman is going to prove that "life has been swell, and now we do want to die", and John's going to talk about some of the records he bought recently, and we're off to the races. We welcome your comments, both good, and better.

(On a side note, Denman is happy to have his personal blog back, so that he can regale everyone with tales of crying himself to sleep and keeping up to date with Britney on TMZ.)

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