Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minterview number three

First let me apologize for not posting this yesterday as promised. There were several factors, and one common theme. To begin with, the internet that I use at home is strictly “borrowed,” and somehow, even though I have three networks to choose from, none of them have been functioning for several days now. There must have been some sort of epidemic, since the café in the neighborhood that I can also use for wifi had a large sign proudly announcing, “Internet not working today, sorry!” Beyond that, there were no options that I felt like persuing.

But as exciting as my internet woes are, let’s get on to some music eh? About a month ago now, Aquarius records was doing a bit of a spotlight on a cd-r label that they had become fascinated with. Dealing with the darker side of the experimental and ambient (well, sometimes not ambient at all…) spectrum of the underground, Faunasabbatha, is home to many dabblers of sonically damaged conjuration.

Two examples that caught my attention immediately were the SORC'HENN "Harmonium pieces & dead reveries" cd-r, and also the WAVERLY HILLS "The Nurse" cd-r. The first recording is tagged as Ritual & funeral music from Breizh (Brittany), played under a dead pine tree., while the more simply named, Waverly Hills, gets the more complex description, Unhealthy, hypnotic, oppressing and depressive sounds from the haunted sanatorium. The clips I heard of both artists were incredibly haunting and dense. Needless to say I quickly placed an order for both. (And actually ended up ordering all the releases offered by the store, though oddly, none have come in yet…..)

As I mentioned previously, in the small world of underground music, when you talk about enough obscure artists, labels, etc, eventually these people will begin reading what you’ve said. As with Caarinolas, the same was true for Faunasabbatha. And just like the first instance, I took advantage of the situation to delve a little deeper into that person’s creation. Fortunately, Bruno, who runs Faunasabatha was more than happy to answer a few simple questions. So, without further ado, here is minterview number three:

(again, normal font=me; italics=Bruno)

Bruno/ Faunasabbatha

How did Faunasabbatha records come about?

Faunasabbatha is not exactly a label by its own existence ; it's a kind of subdivision of an older label called Ruralfaune. This last one is dedicated to experimental music, drone, wyrd folk (etc..)
Because i 'm a fan of metal since my teenage years, i decided to create this "lame son" to put out the heavier stuff but also the darker one. Faunasabbatha is for occult sounds, ritual music and other weird sounds from unblack metal to harsh-noise music. For the moment the BM takes the main place

Who are some of the people that you have put out on the label, and how have you found them?

Faunasabbatha - like Ruralfaune - is a place for young, unknown artists to put out some of their music but it's also a place for confirmed artists to put out unusual stuff, you know to express their dark side haha !
So , Behemothaur is NZ band with members of Futurians, Wolfskull , they all already released many albums. Heads of Pagan, Sorc'henn and Waverly Hills are three projects issued from the streets of Angers, France, the city where i live. We all are good mates.

What interests you in projects that you put out on Faunasabbatha?

To spread the word that making music belongs to everyone and isn't necessary something difficult to do. Many people need to get more confidence in their possibilites to do good music and they just often don't know how to do.
The label is very small so my help is modest but i'm so proud when an artist i released access to a new stage by releasing on bigger labels. For example Sorc'henn is going to put out a cdr on Crucial Bliss the cdr subdivision of the might Crucial Blast camp.

And finally, what is the label doing next?
Many things are in the works.. A new batch will be ready to be released soon. You'll be able to find some black metal with Law of the Rope cdr - a band from LA ; a cdr by De Magia Veterum a one man band from the Netherlands and also some other things. Later there will be an amazing lp by Mrtyu and a cd by Hail! , a side project by members of L'Acéphale and Wladteufel

And that, my friends, is that.
I’m grateful that Bruno took the time to honestly answer each question.

If you are interested in Faunasabbatha, and by now you should be, you can find more information about the label, and the records being put out, on their myspace page here.
And of course, you can buy Faunasabbatha releases at places like Aquarius Records.

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check back next time for a minterview of the mighty Italian duo OvO. In the meantime….

Keep your ear to the underground.

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