Monday, March 3, 2008


It was important to me that my first post here be classy. Well, what could be classier than a band called Syphilitic Vaginas? Huh? Any ideas? I'll wait...

Ok, then. As repulsive and stupid as the name is, SV simply did what so many other punk bands have done - that is, name themselves after a song by a classic band. In this case, it's an abbreviation of an even classier (if you can believe it!) GISM song title. I had heard these guys described as a cross between GISM and Bathory, and in fact their top three Myspace friends are those two plus Venom. The early thrash metal vibe is strong here, and it's augmented with the driving, balls-to-the-wall energy of Japanese hardcore. I'm not the biggest fan of gruff vocals, but they work great here. The band apparently hails from Japan (their Myspace used to say "Tokyo, Japan," but now it just says "Japan"). I was skeptical at first, since it seemed a perfect concept for a US band to run with, but honestly, I don't think Yankees could sound like this.

I picked up their recent s/t cassette release, and it kills! Three burners followed by a synthy, Goblin-style coda. The blast beat riff in "Iron Sabbath" has to be in the running for best riff ever. Go listen to it on their Myspace immediately. I just did - twice - after listening to it on the tape. Which, incidentally, is the most recent of three super-limited SV releases. There are 100 of them. Prior to that, they had a split 7" with Netjajev SS (200 copies) and a lathe cut 9" (50 copies). I missed 'em, and chances are you did too. But they seem to be busy little Vaginas, with multiple upcoming releases on Recued From Life and Haunted Hotel. Everyone's going to love this band in a few months.


As promised, here's a quick review of my top 10 records of 2007:

10. THE ANGELIC PROCESS - Weighing Souls With Sand
9. GRAILS - Burning Off Impurities
7. ALVA NOTO - Xerrox Vol.1
6. THE FIELD - From Here We Go Sublime
5. VOMIT ORCHESTRA - Antecrux (December '06, deal with it)
4. RICHARD CRANDELL - Spring Steel
3. THE DEAD C - Future Artists
2. OBSCURUS ADVOCAM - Verbia Daemonicus
1. DRAGONFORCE - Inhuman Rampage

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I was wondering what colour SV tape you have?