Saturday, January 3, 2009

Upcoming on Agipunk

My connections to this Italian label notwithstanding, I have to say that they're becoming the most significant crust label in the world - without limiting themselves to just that genre. Take a look at their 2009 release schedule: vinyl reissues of classic material by Wolfpack, Deviated Instinct, Scatha, Hellbastard ("Ripper Crust" and "Hate Milita" demos), a Hellshock non-album collection double LP, a new Contrast Attitude LP (this has been on their plate for a long time, so who knows when to expect it, and it's supposed to sound a lot different than past CA records)... the list goes on. And that's on top of last year's releases by Stormcrow, Vitamin X, Uncurbed, and house bands Kontatto and Giuda. I probably won't hear everything on their '09 roster (I certainly didn't in '08), and heck, I don't even like all of the bands they're releasing. But their consistent output of solid new and classic material shouldn't go unnoticed.

In the US, reliable distributors of Agipunk include Ebullition, Havoc, and my bandmate's distro.

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