Friday, April 17, 2009

DC finaly sees the return of a national treasure

Even their Last.FM entry has trouble pinning down the sound of the incredibly musically proficient and deeply haunting DC band Medications. Built on the ashes of another fantastic band, Faraguet, Medications may well fall somewhere between,"Math Rock, Post-Punk and Indie Rock," but leaving the splitting of hairs, what is concrete is that they have always come on strong as true sonic hypnotists.

I can safely say that, very unfortunately, when I first moved to DC I was not open to diverse styles of music, but bands like this slowly began to take the bricks out of that wall. Somewhere between their first full length, Your Favorite People All In One Place, and seeing them live many times at the Warehouse Next Door, we shared a deep embrace that I could never let go of.

This made it all the more difficult to hear that, in July of '07, Andrew, their drummer, had decided to part ways with Devin and Chad. The future of this once great band seemed in doubt. However, the remaining pair not only stuck it out, but also began to work on new material. Now, with new drummer Mark Cisneros in tow, they are once again playing live, and, even better, trying out some of those new songs, which appear to be taking the band in a slightly new, and interesting direction. Which is to say, keep your eyes peeled here and here for updates on that new album, and hopefully more shows.

SXSW#22: Medications plays the Lovitt Records showcase from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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