Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sit and Spin

So, here's a no brainer that I thought might be worthwhile. Each week I'll give a brief list of some or all of the records that have crossed my turntable that week. Sort of like an analog Now, it's true, I also listen to plenty of digitized music (I normally rip all cd's now), but I figure this list would be long enough. And also, for the most part, I talk about vinyl on this blog. So, for the first ever Sit and Spin:

10/25-11/02 (I'm cheating abit this time....)

Blk W/Bear-Fahrenheit_Drafts 12"
Wolf Eyes-Human Animal 12"
Dead Machines-Live at Tzompantli 12"
Bloody Panda-Pheromone 12"
Wolf Mangler-Cooking With Wolves 12"
Inquisition-Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer 12"
Woods of Infinity-Hedja 12"
Menstruation Sisters-Ma 12" (Thanks John!)
Nachtmystium-Reign of the Malicious 12" pic
Woods of Infinity-Frozen Nostalgia 7"
Su19b/Jenny Piccolo-7" Split
Su19b/Xbrainiax-7" Split
oVo/Smut-7" Split
oVo/Mr. Natural-7" Split
oVo/Cock E.S.P.-7" Split (OMG I LOVE THIS RECORD!)

And I think that's about it. Obviously I reserve the right to make this as short or long as I feel, and yes, there will be repeats. But whatever, inquiring minds want to know..........


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