Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soundz in my earz

Yeah, so, here's what I've been listening to...

Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - Fantasma Parastasie LP
(I'm really digging this. Great mixture of their respective styles with neither dominating. I haven't really listened to enough of Aidan's work to have an educated grasp of his approach - he's the Agathocles of drone guitarists - but the shifting distorted textures on this record remind me more of Hecker. Great jacket art to boot.)

Pig Heart Transplant - Blackmail cassette (Iron Lung's Jon Kortland and friends doing the noise thing...kinda. Hard to pin down. New PHT live recording on its way to my mailbox from Soccer Mom Ebonics.)

Oren Ambarchi - Grapes From the Estate 2xLP and A Final Kiss On Poisoned Cheeks one-sided LP (Can't get enough. New live CDr out now on the Israeli label Uganda - 50 copies, be quick. This is the first recording I've ever ordered from that country. Incidentally, I had an issue with my credit card today, and when I called customer service the woman went over my last few purchases, including one from "Jerusalem, Illinois.")

Filth of Mankind - The Final Chapter LP
(Classic. Killer.)

Total - Here, Time Is Space 2xLP
(Some obscure distributor unearthed copies of this, at least some of which went to the Crucial Blast store. Which is Exhibit A in why I recommend keeping an eye on the CB distro.)

Skullflower - Taste the Blood of the Deceiver LP
(Brand new, fantastic.)

Panicsville - Imperfection of the Organism LP
(Spinning right now.)

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