Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DC's Doomsayers

So, it's safe to say that everyone in DC knows Darkest Hour, or at least everyone that I know, knows the guys in Darkest Hour. We always come out to support them when they play in the DC area, and we weren't about to change that now. It was just that DC had to go to Austin for that to occur. Which was no problem, since a large percentage of both Lovitt and Exotic Fever Records were there to catch the show. And sure enough, after other bands from similar stretches of the east coast, Ruiner, and The AKA's played, out came the boys themselves, and as usual, they did not disappoint, plowing through a raging set (There were much "bigger" bands playing after them, who I was not inclined to see, including The Bouncing Souls. We could hear them playing while the aQ/WFMU show was setting up, and Andee kept asking,"Are they still playing that same song?").

John says they've been in the studio hammering out a new album, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, here is the first song they ripped through at the showcase, Doomsayer:

SXSW#8: Darkest Hour-Doomsayer from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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