Saturday, March 21, 2009


At this point I have no idea when I'm going to get to computer to
blog, let alone upload videos.

We'll start by quickly getting most of the day's happenings out of the
way. I can always add more later. This morning I got up all too early
to get breakfast with the guys from aQ and WFMU. We went to an unknown
hole in the wall...that everyone in Austin goes to. None the less, it
was excellent. Then I ran into the Frodus guys (you may know them...),
and we all jetted over to see Darkest Hour (a good time as always).
After a bit of meandering it was finally time for the aQ/WFMU show. It
did not dissapoint, and every band played an amazing set. Check the
AON twitter feed for the blow by blow, and be on the lookout for videos.

After that I was supposed to go to AM Only, but was met by the Berlin
wall. With no plan, I sent out an APB, and was told that I needed to
attend the bridge party. After receiving many directs, and doing a
charity walk, infound myself, indeed on a bridge, surrounded by a
plethora of crusties and hipsters. I slowly navigated the crowd till I
reached a clearing with band equipment being set up. Apparently I had
arrived just as Annihilation Time was about to go on. As I pondered
this explaining the crowd mixture, it literaly began to rain shoes.
Yes. Shoes. I sincerely doubt whatever corporate sponsor sent these
out, had this in mind. It would be safe to say that no one actually
walked away with a pair.

That is what we will call the calmest part of the set, and what
happened next, we will refer to as the hell breaking loose. For
posterity's sake I am going to post the video that may look like
chaos, but will give you a visceral idea of how things played out. I
quickly put the borrowed HD Flip away lest it meet the shattering fate
of my sunglasses. It was damn near a riot on a bridge, and even though
I was thrown onto broken glass, I loved every minute of it.

As the debris was removed, and the Vivian Girls cued up, I ran into an
inebriated Josh Sisk. This usually leads to a long string of very good
bad ideas. "We're going to a rave. You're comming with us!" No
explanation of sleep or videos would sway him.

As the full group asembled, it was now decided that we would first
catch the tail end of the iheartcomix event. So we hopped into a car,
and off we went. Iheartcomix was still bangin' hard when we got there.
The stage was flooded, the floor had a sticky brown goo coating it,
all there was to drink was tequila and diet vitamin water, and there
were more photogs than you would find at the oscars. Still and all, it
was insane, in a good way.

Suddenly, then sound went off, the lights went on, and that was that.
As we reenacted scenes from Dawn of the Dead, we realized our ride had
left us, and after about 45 minutes, we were able to get through to a
taxi agency. This was followed by much street fighting over arriving
cabs, until we finally got one. And what a lucky one it was too. The
driver had a tricked out computer system, and insisted on showing a
video of," the ultimate conservative cat fight."

And now I'm here. Here being a rave. A real rave, in a warehouse
somewhere, with "ravers," and lasers. I imagine this will be the last
stop for the evening, seeing as this ends at 10:00 AM. Which, if I
stayed for the whole thing, would give me an hour to get to the Lovitt

I'd like to see that not happen. Besides, I'm not sure how many beaded
bracelets and pacifiers I can take. But I will say, it has been one
crazy day, the kind that only SXSW can bring.......

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